Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dreaming Abundance, Dreaming Grateful

I woke up this morning and for once remembered the dream, vividly, all of the images and all of the conversation. Usually I only remember pieces, morning blurs the pieces and quickly quiets the real and scary,  real and joyful,  the colorful that is filled with live people and dead people.  Morning usually sends the gifts and journey of Mother Moon away.

Today, I remember.

We walk across a breezeway into a different room---away from what I think is  familiar to what I think is  unknown. As we walk towards one from the other I realize that we are going from what belongs to us to another part of what belongs to us.

"I don't remember we had this room."

I spot the bathroom.

"Look at that bathtub. It is huge. It has JETS. I can soak in lavender. How could we have a bathroom with this tub and I didn't know it?"

I walk out of the bathroom and into a great room that has a kitchen, room for a bed, room for a living area, floor to ceiling windows except for the places that hold the bookcases and the fireplaces. Beautifully small in the way-big-enough-kind-of-way, minimalist but having everything we need, want and have wished for in the place we have wanted to live these last umpteen years. I look out the windows, see the big green, the Grandaddy Spirit trees and stand in awe. I spin around and count the fireplaces, not one but three, each beautiful, each different, each big and lit and pulling me into their warm, into their light.

"We have fireplaces? How did I not know we had fireplaces? I just told someone we didn't have a fireplace? And we have THREE."

"We could live here---in our place. In the place we've always wanted, in the place that holds our dreams, in the place that already belongs to us."

Everything we wanted, dreamed about, was already ours.

I am astounded. I am thrown. I am thankful.





  1. What a great big affirmation for you and for all of us that it is right there, what we long for and dream for and need, just over the walkway into the next room with light and fire and water and all the simplicity and abundance that is US.

    "Remove the covering, and you will find beneath if a living splendour, woven of love, by wisdom, with power. Welcome it, grasp it, and you touch the Angel's hand that brings it to you."

    Fra Giovanni's Christmas greeting

  2. The dream elves visited with wonderful gifts for you in a room that was already yours. beautiful dream.

  3. Your creative spark has been lit!!!! Go girl!! I LOVE LUCIE!!!