Thursday, January 1, 2015

The New Year's Eve Blessed Quiet

The New Year's Eve Blessed Quiet.
What struck me this morning was the true blessed quiet of last night.
For the first night in 22 days one percussively wracking sound on one end of the house had not been followed by a similar sound in two other places and then again and again.
For the first time in what seemed a very long month, the members of this house slept longer than an hour, quietly and peacefully.
The blessed quiet was the sound of healing and a new day. 
And, as it often is with symbolism, the blessed quiet came home on the eve and day of New Year's. 
Today as I do the WHOOHOO stripping of all the beds, 
throw open all the windows and let the sun pour in, 
place the Christmas stockings by the Near Year's Day dinner plates and sit down with the two I share my space and so much of my heart with, I think...
may this year begin for everyone with 
a blessed thoughtful and peaceful quiet, 
may that be followed by a very loud WHOOHOO, 
may the light POUR in and wrap us up, 
may there be moments of shared sweetness, of good food, of heart, of the truest gifts in life 

may the deeply grateful AMEN always follow!

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