Monday, August 1, 2011

Mr. Green and the Layered On Purple Serendipity Morning

It was 9:45 and the stores weren't open yet, 3 cars were in the parking lot in an otherwise vast field of asphalt space. I was making my way to the ledge of the fountain to sit and wait for the doors to open, thinking that a little water mist might wake my morning up.
I kept walking. I'd been pretty sure that I was the only person around but clearly one of those other cars  had a passenger.
"HEY. HEY. YOU---!!!"
A WTF bounced off my not quite awake and not yet water misted brain, but my head in spite of myself began to slowly turn around.
She was standing beside her car, flapping her arms wildly at me.
No please, or would you, or could you, just a simple, loud command. I hesitated or at least I thought I did but my feet like my head were moving in spite of myself. At least I managed to point my feet in the direction of the other side of her car.
"SEE THAT?" I wondered if she had any idea she was yelling.
"See what?"
She pointed, to a  long, green insect sitting near the top of her windshield.
I was pretty sure I was in the wrong place, pretty sure that she needed either my sister, or Chiti or the sweetheart to be talking to her, science and I were generally not on well-acquainted speaking terms.
"Well. I don't know. Could it be a praying mantis?'
NO. It is NOT a praying mantis."
"Well. That's all I've got."
The WTF in my head got louder and I hadn't a clue what to say next except for, "I'm sorry. I don't know."
She sighed. She looked at me and looked at Mr. Green, and back to me and then started to explain.
I was thinking I was pretty happy there was something to explain...
"This morning when I pulled out of my driveway I noticed this sitting on my windshield. I just kept driving. I drove 35 miles mostly between 65 and 75 miles an hour on the freeway and pulled up here and it is still here, it made it,  it survived the whole way. So, I wondered what it was."
And then I got it, clear as could be.
"Oh. Well, I don't know what it is by name but I can tell you what it might be as symbol--- the Universe wanted to give you a sign today about life, about survival and about strength, probably your own."
She looked at me and looked at me and looked at me and then a big tear rolled down her cheek.
She sighed. "It has been so hard lately and this morning, it was really hard and now you tell me that this is a sign that I am strong enough."
"You are."
I walked towards her and she started walking towards wherever it was she needed to be and then we walked together. I looked at her closely and noticed that the sun was lighting up her shirt and it was purple upon purple upon purple, just layered plain-out purple. Wow, I had to tell her.
"This morning when things were hard your insides knew not only that you were strong enough but deep inside you, you  could find the happiness again, so you put on purple, a brilliant and beautiful purple which is the color of Divine happiness so somewhere in you, that happiness already resides and you know it and you embraced it like a shield of  strong soft---enough to hold back the hard. You my friend, will be OK."
I stopped. She stopped.
She said, "I knew I was supposed to call you over today, I knew you had to come my way. Thank you."
"No.  Thank you. Thank you for calling me home to your heart and calling me home to mine."
I reached over and hugged this stranger who was not so much a stranger after all, she was just like all of us, digging deep, trying to push back the hard and find a little bit of  happy deep in the sadness, deep in the heart of our softs, protected by the strength we can't and don't always remember we have, but are reminded of in the moments when serendipity  and Mr. Green claim us as their own.


  1. And there is always purple! I love Lucie!

  2. This is so beautiful and profound, and it points to not only our unceasing alignment with the love inherent in nature, but also your remarkable ability to understand the language of the Now and the language of Need. This is an innate ability and it comes from your vast resource of Love and Language. It is a wonderful gift, and I am so glad you are sharing with us all. You are unique in your ability to not only know what is needed but creatively articulate it.

  3. so easy to skim over the little miracles of life..thank you.

  4. That is so special and beautiful!

  5. OK, Juice. That one made me cry. It's a good thing I wasn't there, because I would have ID'd it, and ruined the whole thing. Love you, love you, Keep writing!

  6. I have to move the kleenix box closer to the computer from reading your last two blog posts. Thank you for your kind words and warm warm heart and your writing that can "silence a jackass into a secret inside smile" xoxoxo

  7. Beautiful, wise and loving

  8. You have a true gift, my dear cousin, in your ability to see the true question/issue at hand. This is a lovely piece, and I'll never see a green insect or the color purple again without thinking of it! Much love to you.